Newfield CSD was awarded a Farm to School Grant for the 2022-2023 school year. The grant will support three farm to school coordinators for three local schools, Newfield CSD, TST BOCES Smith School and Trumansburg CSD. The total awarded for the grant was $480,000 with Newfield's share equaling $160,000. The grant will cover a two year period. 

The Farm to School Coordinators will 

  • Co-create experiences for our youngest students to investigate the intersections between food justice and social justice through the creation of a unit(s) of study focused on food in their community (who has it, who doesn’t, and why).

  • Work with teachers to develop and support food-based curriculum;

  • Collaborate with faculty and staff to elevate understanding and practices focused on the intersection of food and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) organized around instructional pathways that include agriculture/foodways and entrepreneurship.

  • Coordinate activities between school food based entities, i.e. gardening club, wellness committee, STEAM Team, and community based food entities including our local farmers market, the harvest project, local farmers, etc.

  • Create recipes in conjunction with the school cafeteria utilizing fresh food from the gardening club, local farms, etc. that will be served regularly in the school cafeteria.

  • Launch tasting, cooking, and food exploration opportunities as well as menu development based on the feedback and experiences of students in those activities for use in the school cafeteria in coordination with the school cafeteria personnel.

  • Work within the community to develop partnerships (internships, mentorships, field trips, professional development opportunities, etc) with local farmers and vendors and the school cafeteria.

  • Work with cafeteria staff to increase participation in the school nutrition program.

  • Work with faculty and students to improve & maintain on-campus gardens, including possible overseeing of youth employees & community volunteers.

  • Develop a Farm to School discovery trail in coordination with local businesses for each school/district.

  • Coordinate Adopt-a-Crop/Seed-to-Salad programs;

  • Establish and/or support a larger farm-to-school committee;

  • Develop activities & programming to support farm-to-school;

  • Pursue grant opportunities to help fund our work.

  • Other duties as assigned

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