trojan head with text digital equity + excellence

Newfield CSD Middle and High School students will present information surrounding digital equity at the New York State Fair on Saturday, August 27 in the Youth 4-H building. 

The presentation is part of one of the goals of the New York State Learning Technology Grant (DE2: Digital Equity + Excellence) that the district was awarded in 2021. The first goal of the grant is the creation of a student led project focused on digital equity through the creation of information, media, and marketing campaigns focused on broadband internet access and availability for rural areas.

Students will share research, personal experiences, and information on the affects of lack of access and availability throughout the pandemic as well as information on how to access federal benefits including the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Feel free to stop by the Youth 4-H building from 10:30-12:00 on Saturday the 27th to see the resources our students have created for the public.