hip hop artist

Good morning!

Newfield CSD is excited to welcome Supaman this Friday, September 15 to visit with Elementary and Secondary students as part of our First 20 Days initiative. 

NCSD’s First 20 Days is designed to kickstart the academic year on a positive note. The  primary focus is to establish a strong foundation for learning, build a positive classroom community, and set clear expectations for students. The first 20 days will work toward ensuring that students feel welcome, engaged, and motivated to learn. 

Supaman comes to us from Billings Montana and is a champion Fancy Dancer and hip hop artist. Supaman (Chris Take the Gun Parrish) is a child of parents who struggled with alcoholism and lost his father to the disease. He spent part of his childhood in foster care and was later raised by his mother. He began DJing in the 90's and has danced since fourth grade.

Supaman brings a message of hope, kindness and Good Medicine! We are very excited to welcome him on Friday and hope you will ask your student(s) about their time with him.

You can find out more about Supaman here: https://www.supamanhiphop.net/