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High School


Mr. Patrick Mahunik, Principal

(607) 564-9955 ext. 3130

Mrs. Yvonne Capogrossi, Admin Assistant

(607) 564-9955 ext. 3130

Mr. Rick Pawlewicz, guidance

(607) 564-9955 ext. 3133

Mrs. Lori OwensGuidance/ Athletics Admin Assistant

P: (607) 564-9955 ext. 3131     F: (607) 564-3624

Mr. Jeff AugustineAthletic Director

P: (607) 564-9955 ext. 3227

Mrs. Amy Schwoeble, RN/Health Office

P: (607) 564-9955 ext. 3114


Person(s) designated by district to provide information
on substance use/abuse to students, parents, and staff

Laura Sullivan, School Social Worker
Jamie McCaffrey, School Social Worker
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2021 Graduation
Friday, June 25, 2021 - 7:00 p.m. - Newfield Central School District Campus

August 20, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope all of you have had a fantastic summer, enjoying some time with family and friends. The High School and Middle School Faculty and Staff are very excited to start our 2020-2021 school year.  As you are aware, this will be a very unique year.  The pandemic has obviously made a huge impact on our world and has led to many changes in our schools.  These changes were implemented to ensure we meet NYSED and NYSDOH guidelines.  We all appreciate the feedback you have shared about our reopening plan and the support you have shown for the District.

Just as our construction project ended, Covid 19 began.  Therefore, this year will look very different.  We are offering the following two models of instruction: 

·        Hybrid Model – In this model half of the 6-12, (students with the last names A-L) come to school on Monday and Tuesday for in-person instruction and follow their normal schedule, they will be virtual Wednesday - Friday.  Students with last names M-Z will participate in-person Thursday and Friday, they will be virtual on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  When students are not in person, students will complete assignments to extend in-person learning from home and prepare themselves for their return to in-person learning.  For attendance purposes, students will have to check in with their teacher via Google classroom, email, or another predetermined method that works for the teacher on the days they are not in person.  This allows us to bring half of the school in at a time and adhere to social distancing guidelines and create the safest environment for our students and staff.

·        Complete Virtual Model – In this model students will learn virtually, no in-person learning.  However, in accordance with New York State Education Law, they will have to be virtually in their classes on the two days they were scheduled to be in person.  On those two days they will follow their schedule and attend all classes virtually at the class time they are scheduled. For example, if a student has English 9 first period they will need to be present virtually from 8:00 - 8:53 and then follow their schedule for the rest of the day.   This is very important as we are still responsible to report attendance to the New York State Department of Education.

Daily Routines Impacted by Covid 19


In an effort to limit the amount of outside visitors there will be no outside food deliveries.  We are asking parents only bring items to the building in emergency situations.

If you are picking up your child, you will be asked to show your I.D. to the camera and we will bring your child to the front door and we will sign them out.  Please remember only adults listed in School Tool can pick up a student.  The office will not release students to someone other than the parent unless the parent calls and advises us who is picking up their child and then again, that person would have to be listed in School Tool as approved to pick up the student.  Again, ID will be required of the designated pick up person.

·        Middle School students will enter the Middle School doors when they arrive.  Students who eat breakfast will enter the cafeteria, eat in socially distanced seating.  They will immediately move to their designated classroom as soon as they are done eating, THERE WILL BE NO CONGREGATION OF STUDENTS in common areas.

 ·        High School students will enter the High School doors when they arrive.  Students who eat breakfast will enter the cafeteria, eat in socially distanced seating.  They will immediately move to their designated classroom as soon as they are done eating, THERE WILL BE NO CONGREGATION OF STUDENTS in common areas.

     All drinking fountains will be turned off, except for the touchless bottle fillers.  There is currently one in the cafeteria and two more have been ordered.  The new touchless fountains will be positioned upstairs at the High School and one for the upstairs at the Middle School.  We are hoping to have these in place by the end of September.  The cafeteria will have bottled waters for sale, and we encourage students to bring their own refillable bottles. 

  • Hallway transitions will be limited.  We will be staggering transitions between classes by grade levels.  This will allow us to prevent congestion and assist with promoting social distancing. 

  • Lunches will look different.  Each lunch period will be divided into two sections.  Half of the students will be assigned a twenty minute study hall, while the other half eat in the cafeteria.  After twenty minutes the students will switch and students in the cafeteria will be assigned a study hall, while the students who were in study hall eat in the cafeteria.  This will cut down on lunch times and allow for social distancing in the cafeteria.  NO FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOMS, as they would have to take their masks off to eat.

  • Bathroom use will be limited, to stalls only in the boy’s bathroom.  This will limit the amount of people in the bathroom, ensure social distancing, and provide a barrier between students. 

  •  Students and staff will wear masks at all times, unless they have a doctor’s note.  The exceptions will be during breakfast, lunch, and mask breaks.  It is extremely important that all students comply with this policy to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and staff

  • In an effort to ensure social distancing, lockers will not be used at this time.  Teachers are aware of this and will work to minimize the amount of materials students will need to carry.

  • Career and Technical Education students who choose the 2 day in person model will only attend their Vocational program on the days they are in person at the high school.  They will be virtual the other three days.  We understand the importance of hands-on learning in the trade fields and will continue to work with TST BOCES administration to phase in additional days as the school year progresses based on their enrollment numbers and ability to maintain social distancing.  Students who wish to drive to BOCES will get permission from BOCES administration first.  Once BOCES grants permission students will complete Newfield School’s driving permission form and follow our rules and procedures.  

As we navigate this school year, there will be challenges and changes ahead, but our faculty and staff are committed to working through them along with you.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at (607) 564-9955 ext. 3130. 




Patrick Mahunik

Directory of Secondary Education