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Ask the School Board

We welcome your questions and will try to answer as many of them as we can. You can email your questions by clicking here. Because it is likely that other people have the same question, answers will be posted on this page rather than sending an email reply. If you have a concern or question that is related to your child, please contact your child's teacher first, then principal, then superintendent if you still need assistance. Thank you.

Q1: Who can attend School Board meetings?
Answer: The Board of Education meetings are open to the public. Anyone may attend to observe the meetings. 

Q2: How do I become a School Board member?
Answer: Board members are elected and serve 3-year terms. You may contact the District Clerk for information on the specifics of how to run for this office.

Q3: How much do School Board members get paid?
Answer: School Board members in Newfield are volunteers and do not receive any payment for their service to the community.

Q4: Will School Board members answer my questions if I come to a meeting and speak during Privilege of the Floor?
Answer: Generally, no. You can expect them to pass along your question to employees who will get back to you with information. It is important that you get accurate and thorough information, which often takes research to obtain.

Q5: Will School Board members engage in a dialogue with attendees?
Answer: School Board meetings are meetings held in public; they are not public meetings. The difference between these two types of meetings is that dialogue often occurs during public meetings. On the other hand, meetings held in public (such as School Board meetings) are for the public to listen to the business being conducted but not participate in that business. Opportunity for comment - not dialogue - is provided during Privilege of the Floor as part of the School Board agenda.

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