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Classroom Basics

Classroom Basics
There are a few important things all parents should be aware of to make our classroom run smoothly and to keep our students happy and healthy.  Please be aware of the following expectations:
  • All students should have sneakers at school every day for recess and PE class.  We do have room in our cubby area to keep and store a second pair, if possible.  This helps children avoid the disappointment of not being able to participate in class because they are not prepared.
  • We plan to be outside, weather permitting, every day for recess.  Please help your child arrive each day with weather appropriate clothing and accessories. 
  • We allot time each morning for a quick, healthy snack.  Please be aware of the fact that ours is a Peanut Free Zone this year.  Snacks containing peanuts or tree nuts of any sort will not be allowed. 
  • Children should be reading at least 20 minutes per night at home, in addition to completing daily homework from Monday-Thursday.  Please help your child stay up to date with their Book-It Reading Log.  It will be returned monthly for credit.  
  • Please review our daily schedule and arrange outside doctor appointments at times when your child will not miss our academic times.  Since so much of our work builds on itself, it is difficult to make time for make-up work. 





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