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Newfield Central School District



The original schools in the Newfield area were one-room schoolhouses founded in 1812. These were joined and organized into the Newfield Central School District in 1938.

The Newfield Central School District has one elementary (PK-5), one middle (6-8) and one high (9-12) school. The day begins for many children at 7:00 in before-school programs, continues with nursery school for 3 year olds, pre-K for 4 year olds, and academic programs for grades K-12. We offer enrichment opportunities in music and art as well as dual-enrollment (college and high school credit) courses at the high school. We are piloting virtual AP courses this year for juniors and seniors. After school daycare is provided for elementary students until 6:00 pm. A variety of sports activities and extra curricular activities are available for middle and high school students.

The district includes the town of Newfield, and portions of Spencer, VanEtten, Danby, Enfield, and Ithaca.

The mission of the Newfield Central School District is:
• To educate, provide opportunities, and foster individual excellence in academic, vocational, fine arts and technical learning.
• To challenge every individual to strive for excellence as a way of life.
• To develop and nurture physical and emotional well-being, self-worth, personal integrity, moral and ethical values, and respect for self and others.
• To provide a safe, healthy environment and a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere;
• To promote community involvement and responsible citizenship in a diverse and changing world; and
• To encourage life-long learning.
All stakeholders, including students, parents, employees, community members, school board members, and other governmental bodies, should be accountable to the Mission Statement.


Dr. Cheryl Thomas, Superintendent
Newfield School District
District Office
247 Main Street
Newfield, NY 14867

Phone: (607) 564-9955
Fax: (607) 564-0055
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