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My Favorite Online Sites

Progressive Phonics
Progressive Phonics is an easy to follow and very user friendly site that leads parents through the steps necessary to learn to read. Parents and caregivers should find it very useful.

Reading Rockets 

Reading Rockets has ideas and information concerning all of the Big Five areas of reading. (Phonological awareness, Phonics and Alphabet Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension) Parents can also find information about barriers to learning to read such as dyslexia, vision problems, and learning disabilities.


Scholastic Publishing

Scholastic has lots of information as well as printable activities. Scholastic is also a good resource for learning about the growth and changes in your child.



Starfall has lots of fun reading and game activities.

PBS kids

This site has lots of activities and games you can do with your kids to help them learn to read and write.



Funbrain has both reading and math help.


National Geographic

National Geographic Explorer For Kids is an online version of the magazine. It is not a reading site, but it does a wonderful job of expanding a child’s knowledge base in the areas of science, culture, and more.





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