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High School Health here we go!

Welcome to High School Health!

This year we will be learning critical and relevant health topics that will helps us increase our overall wellness and develop life-enhancing skills.  
My goal for this course is to foster a positive learning environment that allows students to dive into meaningful and somewhat sensitive topics with ease and allow for knowledge to stem from this.   

Unit Overview:

Unit 1: Introduction to Health 
Unit 2: Diseases & Disorders
Unit 3: Mental Health
Unit 4: Alcohol, Tobacco & Other drugs 
Unit 5: Human Relations(aka the sex unit)
Unit 6: Nutrition & Physical Activity 

Upcoming exciting projects & activities for semester:
  • Diseases & Disorder Brochure
  • Family health history project
  • Mental Health discovery packet
  • Legalization of Marijuana debate
  • Bullying prevention 
  • Drug Awareness Project
  • Super tracker project
  • Human Anatomy Art project
  • Guest Speakers from the Advocacy Center & Planned Parenthood
  • LGBTQ Rights & Consent






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